Thursday, July 16, 2009

Who is Gregory MacDonald?

Will I reveal my real identity? Yes.

When? Not in the immediate future but certainly in the medium term future.

But to quash some rumours

1. I am not Donald Carson.
2. I am not Greg Boyd.
3. You have almost certainly not heard of me, so don't get too excited! (This means that I am also not the Cookie Monster)
4. I am not hiding my identity to protect my job.
5. I am (mostly) not hiding my identity to protect my reputation (although I would be lying if I said that this was never a factor in my thoughts).
6. I am not hiding my identity because I am scared of facing my critics.
7. I am not hiding my identity because I cannot recall my real name.

I am hiding my identity for two reasons
(a) to protect my employer from hassle
(b) to protect the ministry of other books that I have written which God is using to bless Christians that would - sadly - not look at them if they thought I was a heretic (which I am not).

Exatly how and when I will reveal my identity remains a mystery. Mostly that is because I am still considering how best to do it. To be honest most of me wants to say, 'Gregory MacDonald is really [Jon Bon Jovi?]' but whenever I get close to doing that God seems to foil my plans so I suspect that he has other plans re: timing.

I must also confess that there is a naughty little boy in me who likes to play with a pseudonym. I am much more interesting when you don't know who I am. But fun and games can only last for a season.

More later

Rick Warren (whoops!)


Anonymous said...

Thank you brother for the new posts! One of the advantages, I think, of a pseudonym is that it is easier to deflect praise and glory back to the King of Kings as you have shown! Thank you again brother, whoever you are, for allowing the Lord Jesus Christ to work through you for our benefit and showing us the "big picture" of the Triune God's Love for us in Jesus Christ! Can't wait for "All Will Be Well". Blessings to you brother!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Gregory for such a full and honest explanation. God bless you as you wait for the right time.

Further back in this site you once signed yourself off as Phil:) and I fell for it, thinking you were Phil Towner! Then it was John Piper, now Rick Warren. You certainly keep us on our toes!!

But I am intrigued by your (tongue in cheek?) statement on the right hand side of this site, that "My real name is ... not known (even by me)."

I take this as referring to the lovely picture in Rev.2:17 where we'll receive a white stone with a new name -- and you're holding out for that new name! Or am I reading too many conspiracy theories?

Anonymous said...

It seems sort of odd to me that we wouldn't know who you are yet you have written other books that have blessed many Christians. I will wait patiently to see the real you. Or is Gregory MacDonald the real you and the person who wrote the other books a pseudonym.

Rachel said...

Hi Gregory! Looking forward to your book...also to finding out who you are. You book sounds very interesting--I had no idea that there were so many closet universalists in the theological world!

P.S. I'm thinking about getting "All shall be well" tattooed on my foot. :)

Gregory MacDonald said...

Michael - thanks for the kind words.

Anonymous - I would like to say that you are right - it is a good idea. However, it had NOT OCCURRED TO ME UNTIL YOU SUGGESTED IT. I was simply making a joke.

Nimblewill's Grace - Gregory is a nice name but, alas, not my real one.

Rachel, lovely to hear from you again. I ought to say that not all the authors in the book are universalists. Some are and some are not. The book is not a defence of universalism so much as an exploration of it.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on, come on...

You're "John Hagee", right?!?!
ha ha ha.

Shalom from Nancy in San Antonio,TX ....

Robin Parry said...

Nancy in San Antonio

Very funny! No I am not!!!!

Gregory MacDonald