Saturday, August 29, 2009

Gregory MacDonald reveals his true identity

At last Gregory MacDonald's true identity is revealed!

His real name is ***** *****


Auggybendoggy said...

Booooooo! BOOOOOO! Tomatos, heads of lettuce, carrots are thrown at the stage!

Gregory MacDonald said...

And that is before the knives start flying. :-)

Anonymous said...

Mr. Parry, as someone else has noted, I was not aware of your other work, nor had I heard of you. But, now that I have I can't wait to pick up "Worshiping Trinity"! Many blessings to you Mr. Parry for your battle for people to see the splendid grandeur of the sweeping salvation story of the triune God in Christ saving His creation! I will be reading your other blog now very happily. Thank you brother for allowing the Lord to work through you for our benefit!

Auggybendoggy said...

That does not look like Michael W. Smith. can you sing a few notes for us perhaps?

as for GM...

BOOOOOOOOO! BOOOOOOOO! Auggy's still lobbing vegtables at the unknown comic!

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Parry,

Congratulations on "coming out"!

Those of us who have benefited from both* your books on universalism wish you every blessing as you personally take on another aspect to your ministry.

(*The other book you co-edited).