Sunday, October 18, 2009

Evangelical Universalism Radio discussion

On Sat 17th October Premier Radio broadcast a discussion on The Evangelical Universalist. I was in discussion with Laurence Blanchard on Justin Brierly's radio show "Unbelievable". Click here if you want to hear it.

Laurence is a pastor from California. His PhD was on universalism and it will be published by Paternoster next year. He is a good Christian brother and one of few traditionalist theologians who really understands universalism.

The discussion is a good 'issue-opening' one. Of course, Laurence and I would warn anyone who wanted to listen to it that the requirements of the radio format meant that we had to skip through subjects fairly fast. As a result sometimes I had the last word on a topic and sometimes Laurence did. Much as we'd both have loved the chance to pursue these lines of thought more rigorously that would have been inappropriate. So don't expect the debate to settle anything.

I would like to honour Laurence for defending the traditional view of Hell in an unwavering yet very gracious way. I hope that this discussion models how Christians can disagree in love.

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the program. Great job.