Saturday, October 11, 2008

Join the Conversations! New Web Discussion Group

A new online discussion forum called "The Evangelical Universalist" ( has recently been set up and is running very well. There are all sorts of diverse discussions going on over at the site. So if you are remotely interested in discussing issues surrounding universalism that is the place to be. Very recommended!


Auggybendoggy said...

We'd like to extend out a welcome to anyone who has questions concerning Gregory Macdonalds book "The Evangelical Universalist".

We are an open forum and welcome different opinions. Our aim is to seek the truth in love and share with others what we believe.


Gene Pineda

Auggybendoggy said...

Thursday, Oct 31 - 8:43 pm Pac time-

It seems I'm having trouble with our forum board.

I don't if anyone else is experiencing a blank white screen but I've not been able to solve it.

if anyone has had this problem and reads this response please let me know.


Q.SocNE said...


I am also experiencing a blank screen :(

Jason Pratt said...

Nov 2, 2008:

The forum problem was solved earlier this weekend, thanks to help from James Goetz (or so I understand).

Anonymous said...

I wanted to register but was asked to answer the following question


I don't have a clue.

I put Vadar and Maul but nooooooooooo.

Jason Pratt said...

Nimblewill... did you ever get on?

It's spelled Vader, not Vadar, btw. That might have been the problem. {s}


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

We're having a clergy roundtable discussion on evangelical universalism in Feb at GCTS; should be interesting.

Jason Pratt said...

You could register at and give a report of the results (pro and/or con), Anon. We'd sure appreciate it!